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Vehicle Telematics Services

Fleet Efficiency are assisting businesses throughout the UK to improve their company profitability through effective and efficient vehicle, staff and resource management through a bespoke and integrated approach to telematics systems. Fleet Efficiency offer the services of assessing your transport functions and how they could be improved by providing information on driver behaviour and fleet operations so that effective changes in your management can be implemented.

Vehicle Telematics Checklist
Are you constantly looking for ways to improve the efficiency and productivity of your transport operations? Yes / No Are you looking for a trouble-free way of keeping track of your fleet and drivers? Yes / No
Are you constantly looking for ways to improve the efficiency and productivity of your transport operations? Yes / No Are you looking for a trouble-free way of keeping track of your fleet and drivers? Yes / No
If your response was yes to any of the above then Fleet Efficiency is the right answer for you.

Interactive Systems Provision

Fleet Efficiency Ltd uses the most up-to-date fleet management and telematics systems available, which allows us to offer you the most efficient and visible way of keeping track of your fleet and drivers at the click of a button.

Features and Benefits of Interactive Systems Provision

• Driver, vehicle, asset and trailer tracking
• Easily accessible through our website
• Real-time functionalities
• Helps save your company time
• Controls and reduces your overall operating costs
• Provides management information on demand
• Improved levels of service
• Helps you to achieve the best practices
• Provides total fleet and driver visibility

Telematics Communication

Fleet Efficiency have a great understanding of the importance of the communication between the company and the mobile fleet. Our integrated telematics communication services can provide the solutions to your communication barriers, removing unnecessary costs of data transfer and increased administration. These services also allow a safe 2-way form of communication removing the risk of driver distraction and other Duty of Care obligations.

Features and Benefits of Telematics Communication

• Mobile Data Terminals (MDT) offers a cost effective in-vehicle communication solution which allows the users to communicate via free-text, pre-programmed messages and voice channels allowing total visibility of your fleet movements
• Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) The PDA allows for constant contact with your mobile workforce and facilitate the transmission of text messages, phone calls, e-mails, digital downloads and is capable of running satellite navigation software.

Driver Identification

Fleet Efficiency offers the services of driver identification through our advanced Dallas touch Key fob. The Dallas touch keys offer an effective driver identification and vehicle management solution, with specific keys allocated to individual drivers to guarantee accurate recording of when a particular vehicle is switched on and off and by which driver.

Features and Benefits of Driver Identification

• Total visibility of vehicles and drivers from our integrated systems
• Which vehicles are allocated to which driver
• Reallocation of vehicle alert
• Accurate recording of driver and vehicle from the start of the day to the finish
• Each key has a unique code
• 20 touch keys can be programmed into one vehicle

Benefits In Kind

This service solution provides full compliance with benefit in kind taxation requirements. In coordination with the comprehensive reporting offered through our systems, accurate private and business mileage records are kept Inland Revenue complaint to avoid taxation issues for the business and its drivers.

Driver Management

Using cutting edge technology and detailed reporting, users are now able to view and examine the driving habits of individuals in terms of their positioning, speed, acceleration, deceleration and cornering speed. By monitoring this information we provide an insight into the positive changes your management could make to improve on these behaviours.

Features and Benefits of Driver Management

• Review of driver behaviour and habits
• Review of driver behaviour and habits
• Highlight driver shortfalls
• Introduce pro-active managerial response (training)
• Identify and reduction of driver risks
• Reduce cost of fuel, maintenance and insurance
Risk Management

The highly advanced Telematics Enabled Risk Management (TERM) chip records a high volume of data at a high frequency to analyse the driver habits of an individual with outstanding accuracy, identifying potential risks and collecting information in cases of an accident.

Features and Benefits of Risk Management

• Review of driver behaviour and habits
• Data collected at a rate of up to 256 times per second
• Identification of vehicles and drivers at risk
• Providing crucial data in the case of an accident
• Data available when the set appropriate driving limits are broken
• All information is available through our interactive systems
Satellite Navigation

Fleet Efficiency provide the solution to all of your transportation requirements providing navigation solutions which are adapted for your specific needs, including satellite navigation with up-to-date street level mapping, real-time navigation data, traffic alerts, safety alerts and many more.

Features and Benefits of Satellite Navigation

• Review of driver behaviour and habits
• Improve efficiency and productivity of your transport operations
• Can be tailored to your requirements
• Decrease downtime and fuel costs
• All information is available through our interactive systems
Electronic Time-Sheets

By keeping track of your vehicles and drivers’ progress from the start of the day to the finish you are able to collect valuable information which can then be used by your management to make efficient pro-active changes.

Features and Benefits of Electronic Time-Sheets

• Review of driver behaviour and habits
• Total visibility of your fleet and driver operations
• Information used to make positive managerial changes
• Measure compliancy with the working time directive
• Allocation of overtime
• Increase productivity
• Monitoring out of hours driving
Vehicle Security

Fleet Efficiency offers state of the art technology to reduce the impact of vehicle and asset theft and enable an integrated approach to stolen vehicle, asset and trailer recovery:

Features and Benefits of Vehicle Security

• Review of driver behaviour and habits
• Instantaneous alert of vehicle theft
• Vehicle, asset and trailer tracking
• Increased possibility of vehicle and asset recovery
• Ensuring the loss of vehicle and assets do not have a profound effect on the business
• Decreases downtime
Pro-Active Servicing

Our telematics services allow us to provide pro-active servicing by keeping up-to-date information on all of your company’s fleet. By constantly being up-dated on your vehicles status we are able to monitor areas such as the mileage and contact you once your vehicles are due a service.