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Fleet Management Services

Funding Options

Fleet Efficiency is an independent and bespoke vehicle procurement and finance specialist which can provide flexible funding options to match the needs of our clients. Fleet Efficiency uses our buying power to negotiate significant discounts with manufacturers which we then pass on to the customer. We have built close working relationships with some of the leading and most reputable finance companies enabling us to quote for all our clients funding needs including car, vans and trucks.

Funding Options Available

• Business vehicle finance
• Personal vehicle finance

Policy Controls

Fleet Efficiency is a policy control specialist that has considerable experience in writing bespoke company vehicle policies. These documents meet and exceed all required contents such as health and safety regulations, maintenance procedures, driver responsibilities, duty of care, foreign travel, motoring offences and Benefit in Kind taxation. Once written, Fleet Efficiency continue to work closely with its clients to keep them up-to-date with ever changing legislation and taxation as well as developments in fleet operational tools that can assist with “Duty of Care” and “Best Practice” requirements.

Acquisition Management

Fleet Efficiency can advise and recommend the best suited vehicle for your businesses application, taking into consideration expected retention period, mileage, usage and finance requirements. We will help negotiate with the vehicle manufacturer to ensure you get the highest level of manufacturer discount and dealer support. We can also use our many years of experience to find a vehicle funder to finance the acquisition at the most competitive rates. Our large network of suppliers and our experience in this area allow significant benefits.

These include:

• Dedicated customer care management team
• Financial analysis and advice
• Negotiation with manufacturers and finance houses on your behalf
• Delivery of your new vehicle to any location in the U.K mainland
• Vehicle familiarisation programme for your drivers upon delivery

Disposal Management

Fleet Efficiency provides the services of disposal management which ensures that our clients benefit from the most suitable approach to every transaction. This bespoke service can include:

• Replacement reports
• Collection from any location in the UK
• Pre-sale inspection (including remedial work) and report
• Staff sales
• Business sales
• Auction sales
• Advice and support

Telematic Solutions

Fleet Efficiency offers telematics solutions which provide crucial information on both your company’s fleet and drivers. Our experienced customer care managers can then interpret this data to show how your transport functions can be improved by providing and implementing pro-active, fleet-specific enhancements.
Accident Management

Fleet Efficiency has a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week dedicated Accident Risk Management team which your drivers are able to contact in an event of an accident. This service provides a number of activities that may include vehicle recovery, driver repatriation, uninsured loss recovery, third party claims handling, replacement vehicle and insurance claims notification.

Benefits of Accident Management

• One telephone number to contact in an event of an accident
• No paperwork needed
• Reduced downtime and other operational costs
• Minimum inconvenience and other intangible costs
• Control of fleet accident-associated cost
• Effective risk management
• Total visibility through our interactive systems
Driver Licence Checking

Fleet Efficiency offers the service of conducting driver licence checks on behalf of our clients. Fleet Efficiency extracts driver information directly from the DVLA, and is fully compliant and registered with the Data Protection Act. These services are performed regularly at agreed intervals and is dependent on a driver licence history.

Benefits of Driver Licence Checking

• Check if new or current employees have passed their U.K. driving tests
• Check if the drivers have any undisclosed points on their licence
• Check the drivers are entitled to drive the category of vehicles they are driving
• Alert our clients of any risks in relation to their drivers
• Provide secure online data to our clients about their drivers
• Keep our clients up to date on the ever changing leglislation
Interactive Systems Provision

Fleet Efficiency uses the most up-to-date fleet management systems available which allows us to offer our clients the most efficient and visible way of keeping track of their fleet and drivers at the click of a button.

Benefits of Interactive Systems

• Helps save your company time
• Controls and reduce your overall operating costs
• Provides management information on demand
• Integrates with your business software and processes
• Improves levels of service
• Helps you to achieve the best practices
• Provide total fleet and driver visibility