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Fuel Card Services

Fleet Efficiency are helping businesses throughout the UK to save thousands of pounds on their fuel requirements both here and across Europe, through a range of fuel card products. In addition to the savings you will make on the fuel itself, all our products are supported by leading edge web based technology, providing you with all the information you’ll ever need to manage and control your purchases. So whether your priority is to reduce costs, have greater control or improve administration, you need to contact us because we have the fuel card solution for your business.

Fuel Cards Checklist
Has there been any times where your current fuel purchase method has let you down? Yes / No Are you currently not being provided with Fuel Card services which go above and beyond savings on fuel costs? Yes / No
Are you looking for a secure more efficient alternative method for your drivers to pay for fuel rather than cash or credit card? Yes / No Is the site network coverage crucial to your vehicle distribution? Yes / No
Is security a number one priority for your company? Yes / No Are you looking for a bespoke Fuel Card which tends to all your fuel purchase needs? Yes / No
If your response was yes to any of the above then Fleet Efficiency is the right answer for you.

The Problem

• High fuel prices
• Multi site account management
• No management information on company’s fleet
• Lack of security
• Giving drivers cash for payment of fuel
• Obtaining fuel receipts
• Reclaiming VAT of fuel
• Staff using own funds for fuel and reclaiming

The Solution

• Savings on fuel available: Fuel Cards are of high value to businesses due to the fact they offer a significant saving in the current price of fuel, making a potential saving of up to 3 pence a litre and eliminating regional price fluctuations

• Site networks: The Fuel Cards services provide a large network of refuelling sites (typically one in three) in the U.K. strategically located to ensure your vehicles need not drive off route to refuel, with most able to cater for the largest vehicles on the road

• E-Billing - this ensures that your information arrives up to 3 days earlier than by post and also enables you to store fuel transactions on your PC, a far more secure and flexible way of handling the data.

• Bespoke Fuel Cards: Many of the Fuel Cards can be tailored for use by vehicle, driver and fleet size on request. Also fuel cards can be up-graded for use of non-fuel goods such as car wash, food, drink and any other purchases at the discretion of the company’s management.

• Increased Security: Each Fuel Card is tailored to our client’s requirements (driver, vehicle, fleet number etc.) Our clients also receive a VAT approved invoice which includes a fuel management report showing details of each transaction, vehicle registration and mileage if requested

• Credit Facility: Interest free credit is offered on all transactions (subject to status), with payments conveniently collected by Direct Debit

• Recovery of VAT is made more efficient by reducing administration.

• European Fuel Cards available.

Interactive Systems Provision

Fleet Efficiency Ltd uses the most up-to-date fleet management systems available which allows us to offer you the most efficient and visible way of keeping track of your fleet and fuel operations by a click of a button.
• Helps save your company time.
• Controls and reduces your overall operating costs
• Provides management information on demand
• Integrates with your business software and processes
• Improved levels of service
• Helps you to achieve the best practices
• Provides total fleet and driver visibility
What This Means to Your Business

Example of potential savings:

• Potential saving per litre (pence) 3
• Company fleet size 35
• Mileage per vehicle (per annum) 45000
• Miles per gallon 25
• Savings over period (years) 3
• Saving (£) 25,800

“Competitive- Efficient- Friendly- Reliable, are the key words we use to describe the fuel card services and the system of operation that Fleet Efficiency provide.

Fleet Efficiency provides us with the pioneering opportunities to tackle the major overheads which our company carries on the cost of fuel, advising us on a weekly basis of our fuel costs, easing our budget control.

With quick up-to-date electronic invoicing, a huge coverage of the UK road system and excellent security systems Fleet Efficiency provide everything that our business could ever require to manage our fuelling operations.

So from years past and hopefully years to come may our association continue”

Paul Hayman. Operations Director, Multiassistance Limited.