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Fleet Efficiency Services

Fleet Management Service

Our Fleet Management service includes Acquistion Management, Disposal Management, Accident Management, Driver Licence Checking and Interactive Systems Provision. With our Fleet management services we can do anything from checking the legality of driver liecences to advising and taking control of vehicle disposals and purchases.

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Driver Management

Does your business have the correct policies and procedures in regards to your fleet and legislation? Do you have the correct policies and procedures in place to govern the safe and legal use of your fleet? Do you have the policies and procedures in place to regularly check your employees’ driving licences? If the answer to any of these questions is no then you could benefit from our driver management service. Fleet Efficiency specialise in driver management systems which include the essential, legal, moral and Duty of Care policies.

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Fuel Card

Fleet Efficiency are helping businesses throughout the UK to save thousands of pounds on their fuel requirements both here and across Europe, through a range of fuel card products. In addition to the savings you will make on the fuel itself, all our products are supported by leading edge web based technology, providing you with all the information you’ll ever need to manage and control your purchases. So whether your priority is to reduce costs, have greater control or improve administration, you need to contact us because we have the fuel card solution for your business.

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Vehicle Finance

As an independent company we use our buying power to negotiate significant discounts with manufacturers which we then pass on to you the customer. These discounts when combined with the funding options we have in place result in fantastic deals. Our reputation is built not only on our competitive pricing but also on our customer service. We take the long term view of customer relations and are as happy to give any help, support and advice after sales as we are before.

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Vehicle Maintenance

Fleet Efficiency is a bespoke and specialist vehicle maintenance provider. Building a close relationship with our customers allows us to assess, plan and allocate the best solution and maintenance requirements. The three main types of maintenance services provided are contract maintenance, fixed and pay-on-use maintenance.

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Vehicle Telematics

Fleet Efficiency are assisting businesses throughout the UK to improve their company profitability through effective and efficient vehicle, staff and resource management through a bespoke and integrated approach to telematics systems. Fleet Efficiency offer the services of assessing your transport functions and how they could be improved by providing information on driver behaviour and fleet operations so that effective changes in your management can be implemented.

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